The best line for skin rejuvenation. Fight the signs of aging through acid facial treatment in Barcelona, ​​with the luxury cosmetics that your skin needs. Visit our salons in Barcelona to show off perfect skin with the best facial treatments.

What is acid facial treatment?

Skeyndor creates the most luxurious line to address the factors that influence aging and the challenge of time. That is why, through this innovative line, through acids as the main ingredient, they correct and prevent the signs of aging, both visible and non-visible.

It is recommended to start carrying out this acid facial treatment from the age of 30 to provide energy from within and revitalize and rejuvenate the skin with the main active ingredient of ant-age.


Why acids as the main ingredient for a skin treatment?

Acids have always been in the spotlight for many dermatologists due to the great benefits they bring us. Glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids stand out to stimulate activity that protects the skin, firms and tightens it at an immediate level.

These allow the skin to strengthen from within and slow down the premature aging process. In addition, it nourishes the cells and gives them a lot of energy to show off a much brighter face. Discover our acid facial treatment in Barcelona.

Why do we use the Skeyndor line for acid facial treatment?

Skeyndor is a luxury cosmetics line that focuses on applying state-of-the-art, award-winning technologies to combine innovative and traditional active ingredients. They offer different lines with holistic treatments with multiple stages by attacking biological and environmental causes and symptoms externally and internally.

Why acids as the main ingredient for a skin treatment?

Acid facial treatment price in Barcelona

At Hair Cut Day we know how important skin care is for each of our clients. The price of facial treatment with acids in Barcelona is 79€. Feel how your skin is rejuvenated and transformed with one of the best facial treatments.

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