Cavitation Barcelona

The best body treatment to eliminate fat and cellulite is our cavitation in Barcelona. Ideal for eliminating toxins and favoring internal tissues and improving circulation.

What is cavitation?

Cavitation body treatment is a technique used to eliminate localized fat through ultrasound. It is done with low frequency and what it produces is that through ultrasound the cells dissolve from the inside to be later eliminated through urine or sweat.

After a cavitation session, it is necessary to perform lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy to help eliminate these cells and prevent them from being reabsorbed again.

Cavitation Barcelona

Cavitation benefits

- Eliminates localized fat and toxins from the skin
- Helps improve blood circulation
- Increases tissue elasticity
- Tones muscles
- Regulates intestinal transit
- Activates the skin's natural collagen

How many sessions of cavitation in Barcelona do I need to feel benefits?

Hair Cut Day professionals recommend doing between 8 and 10 cavitation sessions to feel results. It is important that before carrying out a session, you speak with the specialist to be able to give a diagnosis and recommend if it can be combined with other body treatments such as radiofrequency or lymphatic drainage.

Cavitation benefits

Prices cavitation Barcelona

The price of a simple cavitation in Barcelona session is €75. The ideal is to take bonds of between 7 and 10 sessions. That can range from 270€ to 350€. What the session could be from 38€. They can be combined with other body or facial treatments depending on the results you want to achieve.

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