With the oxygen treatment, our rejuvenation treatment, you will encourage the creation of collagen, hydrating and giving shine to the skin. Discover our rejuvenation treatment in Barcelona.

What is the oxygen rejuvenation facial treatment?

Skeyndor's Power Oxygen line has been developed with anti-pollution active ingredients, with oxygenating and detoxifying agents, antioxidants and prebiotics. What this oxygen facial treatment allows is that a well-oxygenated skin will give it a healthier appearance and it will be able to counteract the effects of pollution. With the benefit that it will be more protected against any external aggression and will be able to prevent aging.


Benefits of oxygen facial treatment

- Activation and stimulation of the production of natural collagen.
- Greater luminosity and improves both the appearance and texture of the skin.
- Hydration of the skin.
- Helps to penetrate up to 90% more active ingredients, considerably increasing rejuvenation treatments.

How many sessions do I need to notice the results of oxygen rejuvenation?

In a single session you will notice a difference. Each type of skin requires a specific treatment, so in the first session we carry out a personalized diagnosis and inform you of the sessions that are needed to achieve the best results.

At Hair Cut Day we recommend carrying out 5 oxygen facial treatment sessions in Barcelona to obtain remarkable results.

Benefits of oxygen facial treatment

Recommendations to take into account after performing the rejuvenation treatment in Barcelona

As in all kinds of treatments, having a good routine at home will cause the effect and the result to change over time, so we recommend that after performing the treatment:

- Keep skin hydrated
- Do not expose yourself directly to the sun after the session
- It is recommended not to put on makeup until after 24 hours
- In the case of inflammation in any area of ​​the face, localized cold can be applied.

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