Relieving massage Barcelona

Relieves muscle tension and pain in localized areas. Your back is the biggest of our concerns. If what you feel is only physical discomfort in the cervical or lumbar area, the decontracting massage is your best relief.

What is decontracting massage? Enjoy the relieving massage

The decontracting massage, is a relieving massage, consists of a manual technique focused on relieving discomfort, mainly caused by knots or contractures in the upper and lower back area.

It is a fully personalized massage since the intention is to relieve muscle tension in the points that are loaded. It is one of the most effective treatments to relieve back pain.

Relieving massage Barcelona

Benefits of the relieving massage

What characterizes the relieving massage is that it relaxes the tense area and helps to recover mobility. It also activates circulation and releases endorphins. It also favors the nervous system.

One of the symptoms of being contracted is a headache or migraine. With the decontracting massage relieves these pains caused by enduring the pain of the tense area. It also helps muscles gain elasticity and mobility.

Cervical or lumbar decontracting massage to relieving?

Wich relieving massage is better? Depending on the specific pain of each patient, one part or the other is performed with greater intensity. In the case of low back pain, it is usually caused by carrying weight or inappropriate positions. With the decontracting massage you eliminate lumbar tension and help maintain better mobility in the lower muscles. If you feel a lot of pain in this area, it is important to perform a decontracting massage so that it does not end up becoming sciatica.

On the other hand, cervical pain is usually caused by overloads or tensions. It is more common in people who work in offices. They generate a lot of headache and sometimes can even cause dizziness. In order to decontract the upper area, it is important to undo the knots. This will provide greater mobility.

Benefits of the relieving massage

Relieving massage prices

The price may depend on the minutes and sessions to be carried out. It is a personalized relieving massage Barcelona and we recommend making a first visit to assess the client's condition and assess the sessions they need.

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