3d hair color

Looking for more movement and highlights strategically spread throughout your hair? 3d hair color gives your hair a three-dimensional effect to show off a color with a much brighter effect. You will bring much more light to your face and the color will look much more natural.

What is 3d hair color? The most fashionable color for your hair

The most advanced coloring technique comes from 3d hair color. We provide a three-dimensional color effect to the hair so that the result is spectacular. It consists of distributing the color strategically to provide different points of light or reflections throughout the hair and achieve a 3d hair color effect in the hair.

This is the most innovative coloring technique of this year. Color 3D is a complete hair coloring that provides a lot of color customization and will give your hair much more volume.

3d hair color

Benefits of 3d hair color

If what you are looking for is to change your hair color and achieve a very natural effect, you will love 3D coloring. Hair Cut Day the hairdressers will make art in your hair! Managing to create more shine and depth in your hair.

For Hair Cut Day each client is unique and deserves a totally personalized color. The stylists are in charge of adapting the desired color to turn it into a complete hair coloring full of nuances and luminosity. What 3d hair color allows is to play with both light, medium or dark tones depending on what you want each one.

Hairdresser specialized in 3d hair color in Barcelona

Applying the color strategically throughout the hair enhances the style of the cut and further enhances the features of the face. In addition, through this prestigious advanced coloring technique we are able to create more depth in the hair so that you can show off a spectacular hair.

Only hairdressers specialized in high coloring techniques have the ability to perform 3D Color. That is why at Hair Cut Day we are the reference hairdresser specialized in color in Barcelona.

Benefits of 3d hair color

3d hair color prices

At Hair Cut Day we always carry out a personalized prior diagnosis to offer an exact budget before starting any service. The 3d hair color can have a price of 90€ including the Brushing and the Xpress Ritual.

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