AirTouch highlights Barcelona

Airtouch highlights is the latest trend in Barcelona in hair coloring if you are looking for a color gradient from the roots with a super natural effect. What stands out the most about the AirTouch technique is that the degradation of the tones from dark to light provides a super luminous and elegant effect.

What is the AirTouch highlights technique?

The AirTouch highlights technique is one of the most exclusive in the world of the most advanced coloring. Instead of manually separating the strands, they are separated by air. This causes an incredible effect as the highlights blend into the base color. Which allows to lighten the hair in a natural way, degrading the darker tones to lighter ones.

AirTouch highlights Barcelona

How is the Airtouch highlights technique performed in our Barcelona salon?

The hairdressers who are experts in high coloring techniques at Hair Cut Day take a section of the hair by putting tension on the longer hair. With the help of a dryer, the shorter strands and the innermost part of the hair are separated. The bleaching is then applied to the remaining hair. After the time to lighten the hair well, a shade in lighter tones is applied and the result is super natural and elegant.

Airtouch highlights benefits

What stands out the most in the AirTouch highlights technique is the naturalness it offers to the hair. This is why as time goes by, the "root effect" will not appear. Although the highlights are made from there, as the selected strands are so fine, as time goes by, you will not notice any marks on the hair.

How is the Airtouch highlights technique performed in our Barcelona salon?

We are an expert hairdresser in airtouch highlights in Barcelona

Only experts in high-level coloring techniques work at Hair Cut Day, who stand out for being one of the best in performing AirTouch highlights Barcelona. The price of the AirTouch is very specific since it depends a lot on each hair. That is why we offer totally personalized advice to achieve spectacular results.

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