Ammonia free hair color

Ammonia free hair color is the latest technology in the field of hairdressing. At Hair Cut Day we are always hand in hand in looking for the most innovative products that provide spectacular results to show off hair full of color and shine.

What is ammonia free hair color? The formula that you were all waiting for

Ammonia free hair color will give your hair a permanent color free of chemicals to prevent them from damaging your hair. Its high fixing power and nutrition, provide a spectacular color with much more shine. The only thing that differentiates it from an ammonia dye is durability.

Ammonia free hair color

Advantages of using ammonia free hair color

Many clients ask Hair Cut Day color experts to be able to maintain the health of their hair at the time of coloring their hair. The benefits offered by ammonia free hair color are spectacular:

- The application of dyes without ammonia can be done more easily.

- Low probability that applying the dye without ammonia to the hair may cause an allergy on the scalp.

- Leaves hair more hydrated because it does not dry out the hair so much after applying the color.

- Much more natural colors are achieved.

- When the color is applied to the hair, you do not feel any type of annoying smell

- It is not a problem to be able to do keratin straightening.

Ammonia-free coloring Barcelona

Many are the clients who end up opting for chemical-free products to protect the health of their hair. From our beauty salon we always recommend accompanying any type of coloring with the Premium Treatments. You will add much more shine and softness to the hair to show off a healthy and colorful mane.

Advantages of using ammonia free hair color

Ammonia free hair prices

Ammonia free hair is usually cheaper than conventional dyes. The price may depend on the length of each hair. That is why at Hair Cut Day we always make a previous hair diagnosis and give the exact budget before starting any work.

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