Botox hair bye frizz Barcelona

If what you are looking for is to eliminate frizz and regain texture while wearing healthy hair, Botox hair bye frizz Barcelona treatment is your best ally. Frizz-free hair will give you the best comfort in your day to day, recovering a more resistant, smoother hair with a spectacular shine.

What is Botox hair bye frizz Treatment? Eliminate frizz immediately

The Bye Frizz Premium Hair Botox Treatment consists of applying a heat treatment based on collagen and keratin. What will help to reactivate the natural keratin of our hair and will fill it with hydration. After doing this treatment you will notice that the hair is much softer, shinier and full of elasticity.

Botox hair bye frizz Barcelona

Botox hair bye frizz Barcelona benefits

Bye Frizz: No matter what the weather is like, your hair will be proof of any type of humidity, heat, cold or even rain.
Absolute shine: thanks to the collagen, the hair cuticles will be sealed and will reflect the natural shine with much more intensity.
Improves the natural texture: The keratin will restore the damaged hair fiber and you will feel much softer hair.
Less volume: By reducing hair frizz, much less volume is achieved.
Smooth: With a single pass of the dryer or iron, you will get your hair to be much smoother.

We are experts in Botox hair bye frizz

Many clients have positioned us among the best hairdressers in Barcelona to perform Premium Treatments. For Hair Cut Day, hair care is the most important thing, which is why the Botox Capilar Bye Frizz Barcelona could not be missing from our range of treatments.

The price of Bye Frizz may vary depending on the length and volume of the hair. At Hair Cut Day we offer this incredible treatment for 95€ (diagnosis, treatment and drying are included)

Botox hair bye frizz Barcelona benefits

How long does Bye Frizz Hair Botox last?

You will notice frizz-free hair for 2 months. From Hair Cut Day we recommend using products focused on maintaining the elimination of frizz after the Treatment.

Sulfate- and paraben-free shampoos like Kerastase or Moroccanoil will help hair stay frizz-free for much longer.

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