Cold hair extensions

Cold Hair natural hair extensions 55cm. Long and voluminous hair are a trend. If your hair is long but lacks volumn or you want to gain a few centimeters, try our natural Cold hair extensions!

100% natural hair extensions with Cold hair

This year long and voluminous manes are a trend in Barcelona. If what you are thinking about is increasing the volume or length of your hair, Cold Hair extensions will be your best option. We have a wide variety of colors in stock and they are available in both straight and curly. The length can be 40 cm or 55 cm.

Cold hair extensions

Cold hair extensions benefits

Cold hair extensions are characterized by having a polarized application system. What this allows is that the extension is much flatter in the hair and therefore, it is much more concealed.

At Hair Cut Day we only work with 100% natural hair. The joint is very soft and flexible, which does not create tangles at the point of connection. In addition, this type of extensions does not damage the hair at all. The fixing system is done cold and the removal is done through essential oils so that there are no residues.

Types of cold hair extensions in Hair Cut Day

At Hair Cut Day we only work with high quality hair, such as Remy hair. The strands of each extension are mounted hair by hair, allowing greater customization of the hair.

The length of Cold Hair extensions can be 40 cm or 55 cm. Which will allow to show off a mane with much more volume or extra long. In addition, you can choose between straight or curly. The color chart is one of the most extensive that you can enter among other brands of extensions. You can choose between natural bases, Balayage highlights or even fantasy colors.

Cold hair extensions prices

Before placing the Cold hair extensions, it is important to make a prior consultation to be able to know the exact amount that each hair needs and, most importantly, the base color so that the extensions are as integrated as possible.

The price of the extensions is per unit. In the case of 40 cm extensions, the price is 5.50€ per unit. On the other hand, the 55 cm units are 6.50€.

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