Fantasy hair color

Achieving the fantasy hair color that you have been dreaming of for so long is possible in our experts hairdressers in fantasy colors in Barcelona. The best brands in coloring to achieve a look full of color and personality. Make a difference on Hair Cut Day!

How is fantasy hair color made?

It is important that a hairdresser expert in high coloring techniques make a previous diagnosis of the hair to see if the desired color can be achieved. Once we have verified that the work can be carried out, we begin by applying the bleaching. Manes with darker natural bases will likely need a second bleaching. Enjoy a unique fantasy hair color.

Once the color has been lightened, we apply the fantasy color that is desired. On many occasions we make color gradients from roots to ends. The good thing about this type of coloring is that it is 100% customizable.

Fantasy hair color

How long does the fantasy hair color last in the hair?

The fantasy hair color will wear off as the hair is washed. It usually lasts about two months, but if you continue with products and masks to maintain the color, it can always last much longer.

At Hair Cut Day we always advise you on a good routine to do at home and the color will last much longer.

Fantasy hair color always with Olaplex

Showing off hair after the bleaching process is possible if it is done with the Olaplex Super Service Premium Treatment. For Hair Cut Day stylists, the most important thing is the health of your hair, that is why it must always be accompanied by Olaplex to protect the hair from possible damage from the chemicals of the dyes and discoloration.

How long does the fantasy hair color last in the hair?

Fantasy hair color prices

Such a unique look requires a personalized price. That is why we always make a prior consultation in our specialist hairdressers in fantasy hair color to advise you on your change of look. We always offer the budget before starting so that you enjoy the service 100% without having to worry about how much the service will cost you.

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