Gloss hair color

Add color with an illuminating effect with the gloss hair color. You will give your hair a color full of shine and vitality. It is a shade-on-tone coloring recommended for people with less than 30% gray hair.

What is gloss hair color? The toner with illuminating effect

Gloss hair color is a coloring technique that consists of applying color toner so that the hair looks shiny. It is a toner that is lightened every time you wash your hair, avoiding the "root" effect. What stands out the most is that the lightening fades in a very natural way, providing the effect of reflections throughout the hair.

Gloss hair color

Gloss hair color benefits

- Product less harmful to the hair. It doen't contain ammoniac and is therefore less aggressive.
- Add more shine to the hair.
- It is not a permanent coloration, so when the color is lost it will be progressively creating a natural effect.
- You can make more changes to your look.
- It can be used to tone the highlights in a natural way.

The best look change with gloss hair color toner

It is the best option for those looking for a change of look without looking so radical. Hair Cut Day hairdressers offer personalized advice before carrying out any work to achieve the look of your dreams.
It is important to put yourself in the best hands, such as stylists who specialize in high coloring techniques, to achieve a uniform and intense color so that it lasts much longer.

Gloss hair color prices

The price of the gloss hair color would be around 65€ with the Brushing and the Xpress Ritual. At Hair Cut Day we always do a prior hair assessment to recommend the best hair services and show off a mane full of light and shine.

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