Guy tang hair color

The Gold Rose coloring is the new trend in fantasy colors for this season. Guy tang hair color
is considered the most influential hairdresser in the world and at Hair Cut Day we are the only hairdresser in Barcelona that has its range of #mydentity colors.

Rose Gold by Guy Tang hair color, we are the only hairdresser in Barcelona

Guy Tang's technique is characterized by filling the entire mane with nuances. Shine with an ombré effect and pure pink that goes from the roots to the ends. It is a very subtle color, but at the same time bold and long-lasting.

It doesn't matter what type of skin you have or what your face is like. Rose Gold coloring is the best option for everyone. It is a pink hair with a lot of personality, since it is not a strawberry blonde hair, nor a light red or pink it is the exclusive rose gold color. Rose Gold is unique, it provides a warm effect full of shine that seems to stand out on the skin. We are expert in Guy tang hair color.

Benefits and characteristics of Guy Tang hair color

Heat protection

One of the main goals of the creator of Rose Gold is for the color to be long-lasting. For this reason he included a special ingredient in his range of colors to protect the durability of the color.

High gloss coloring

What most characterizes Rose Gold is the effect of luminosity it brings to the hair. Because what we all want is for our hair to shine and look radiant. With VibraRiche technology it makes the hair not look dull and shine with great intensity.

Hair protection with Keratin and argan

When bleaching is done it is very important that the hair suffers as little as possible. For this reason, guy tang hair color incorporates a mixture of Keratin and Argan seed oil so that the hair is protected and conditioned.

Lavender perfume

The quality of Rose Gold is so exclusive that a lavender fragrance has been incorporated to make the customer enjoy the experience even more.

How to maintain Guy Tang hair color

The most important thing to maintain Rose Gold hair is providing the hair with plenty of hydration and using the right shampoo and conditioner. Hair Cut Day specialists will always offer personalized advice on the range of products that can best suit your hair. The ones we recommend the most are silicone and sulfate-free shampoos such as Kérastase, Moroccanoil or Olaplex.

Benefits and characteristics of Guy Tang hair color

Guy Tang hair color prices

You will only find Guy Tang hair color, exclusive coloring in Barcelona, at Hair Cut Day beauty salons. The fantasy colors are very customizable, that is why we always give the budget before starting any work once the stylist has been able to assess it. It is important to carry out this type of coloring in healthy manes that are not very mistreated due to having applied other types of hair dyes.

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