Hair sticker extensions

Hair Sticker extensions are the most innovative technique in the world of hairdressing. Through an exclusive adhesive, the application is much faster and more comfortable. They are integrated into the hair in a totally invisible way, it is the ideal option if you want to gain a few centimeters.

Hair sticker extensions features

The exclusive adhesive of the extensions allows the application without any type of machine. So they can be placed much faster than the conventional way. The guarantee of Hair Sticker extensions is of the highest quality, we only use 100% natural Remy hair. Also, if you want to reposition them over time, it can be reused by replacing the adhesive.

Hair sticker extensions

Placement of Hair Sticker adhesive extensions

Hair Sticker extensions are placed using strips four centimeters wide and 0.09 thick. What it does is that they are very fine in the hair and are very well integrated into the hair. If proper maintenance is done, the duration of the extensions can be 3 months and they can be reused up to 4 times.

Hair Sticker extensions Care

Like all types of extensions, it is important to carry out proper maintenance so that the durability is as long as possible. Like everything in life, our hair requires time and care, so with extensions it is important to follow a good routine.

Placement of Hair Sticker adhesive extensions

Step by step for washing Hair Sticker extensions

We leave you the best tips so that you can wear a long-lasting mane:
Brush the hair before each wash this will prevent tangles from occurring.
Always wash your hair in a vertical position if you do it upside down, the extensions can get much more tangled.
Wash hair without rubbing movements should be soft and subtle.
Always apply conditioner or mask from mid-lengths to ends and rinse with plenty of water.

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