k18 hair hairdresser

K18 is the revolutionary treatment to repair damaged hair. Restore strength and shine to your hair with our k18 hair hairdresser experts in Barcelona, that Premium Treatment is succeeding all over the world.

What is the k18 hair Treatment? Know our k18 hair hairdresser

K18 is a treatment that acts directly on the innermost fibers of the hair. Through its technology, it prevents chemical damage and repairs weak and brittle hair with a tendency to breakage, restoring the elasticity and strength that the hair needs.

The k18 hair consists of two essential products, the mist and the mask. They are totally vegan products that have never been tested on animals. It is also free of parabens, sulfates and silicones. Therefore, it is totally suitable for those who follow the Curly Method.

The K18P is clinically proven to reverse damage in just 4 minutes. Yes, yes, you have read all these benefits correctly in 4 minutes.

- Repairs damaged hair caused mainly by coloring services, chemical processes and heat.
- Recovers strength, softness and elasticity.
- It is not a treatment that goes away with washing, it leaves lasting results.
- It's vegan, color-safe, and cruelty-free.
- It manages to recover up to 91% of the original strength of the hair.
- It manages to recover up to 94% of the original elasticity of the hair.

k18 hair hairdresser

How to use the K18 hair

Before we start we apply the K18 mist, this will give the hair a lot of strength to repair the hair. Through pH it modifies the cuticle layer to act directly on the hair cortex, which will repair damaged areas from the inside. Visit our k18 hair hairdresser in Barcelona.

After washing, the K18 Mask is applied, which allows it to restore strength and elasticity to the hair in just 4 minutes. It is the ideal treatment to carry out when the hair undergoes discoloration processes, since it will protect it from the possible chemical damages that dyes can produce.

Can the k18 hair treatment be done at home?

The K18 mist can only be done in certified salons, such as Hair Cut Day in Barcelona. It is important that the professional apply the product in the proper way so that the result is the best for each hair.

The K18 mask can be done at home. The 50 ml or 5 ml format is sold. In just 3 washes you will notice a transformation of your hair to a spectacular level.

How to use the K18 hair

Where to do or buy the K18 hair Treatment in Barcelona? Discover our k18 hair hairdresser!

At Hair Cut Day we stand out for offering the best products on the market. That is why the k18 hair Premium Treatment in Barcelona could not be missing in our hairdressers.

The price of the service is 68€ and the 5ml vial is included to continue with the treatment at home. In the case of extra-long hair or with a lot of volume, remember that we would always notify before starting if there is any change in the price. What are you waiting to come and try it? You'll love it!

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