keratin extensions short hair

Keratin Extensions 45cm, the highest quality keratin extensions short hair in Barcelona to show off an extra long and voluminous hair. Its hot application allows the extension to be strand by strand so that they are perfectly integrated and shed a mane from another planet.

Keratin extensions short hair in Barcelona

The Barcelona keratin extensions short hair will give your hair a spectacular look and color. The number or grams of extensions that the hair needs depends on the current measurement or the volume of each hair, which is why it is important to make a prior consultation in the salon before placing them.

keratin extensions short hair

Length of keratin extensions short hair

The length of the keratin extensions short hair can be customized depending on the wishes of each one. That is why we have the length of the extensions from 35 to 55 centimeters. Keratin extensions are 100% natural Remy hair. We only offer high quality hair so that they are integrated in the best way and avoid possible tangles.

Keratin extensions short hair prices

The price of keratin extensions short hair depends a lot on the amount and length of each hair. At Hair Cut Day we offer a totally free diagnosis to advise you on the amount and color that can best suit your hair. We offer all the guarantee so that the result is the one you have been dreaming of for so long.

Keratin extensions short hair maintenance

It is important that after placing the extensions, the indicated shampoos and conditioners are used so that they do not fall out and the hair remains just as healthy. That is why it is advisable to keep the extensions with the products offered by the same brand as the hair, this will guarantee that, if there is any possible fall, a guarantee is offered to reposition it within a period of a month and a half from the initial placement.

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