Olaplex hair color

The best treatment to repair damaged hair is Olaplex hair color. Through its formula, it regenerates the most damaged hair fibers to regain health and add much more shine to your hair. It is important to do it in bleaching processes.

What is the Olaplex hair color? Recover the health of your hair

The Olaplex Treatment is a regenerator of damaged fibers to restore health and shine to the hair. In the vast majority of cases, this treatment is used on hair that has suffered discoloration or chemical dyeing processes and has felt that their hair breaks very easily.

Olaplex hair color

Steps for highlights with Plaplex hair color that are done in the salon

The Olaplex hair color is performed in beauty salons or hairdressers so that the result is more effective. Steps # 1 Bond Multiplier and # 2 Bond Perfector are the most important for repairing damaged hair.

Step 1 is the link multiplier that works directly on damaged hair. It allows to reconnect directly with the hair fiber. In coloring processes, it is mixed directly with bleaching to protect hair.

Step 2 is all about the bond perfector to regenerate hair fibers. What fixes and seals the previous step so that the result becomes effective.

Steps for Olaplex hair color to follow at home

In order for the result to last on the hair, it is recommended to follow the following steps at home:

Step 0 is only for extremely damaged hair, it is done at home before going to the salon.

Step 3 is the continuation of steps 1 and 2 to restore healthy hair.

Step 4 is the professional shampoo suitable for all hair types that will provide a lot of hydration, shine and softness to the hair.

Step 5 is the professional conditioner to intensely repair hair and eliminate frizz.

Step 6 is the Bond Smoother helps to strengthen the hair and prevents the hair from breaking. In addition, it helps control frizz for 72 hours.

Step 7 is the styling oil that adds spectacular shine and smoothness. It also provides thermal protection of up to 450ºC.

Step 8 is the intensive mask that does not add any weight to the hair and helps the hair not break.

Steps for highlights with Plaplex hair color that are done in the salon

Hair salon experts in highlights with Olaplex hair color

It is important to go to an official Olaplex hairdresser in Barcelona to achieve spectacular results. At Hair Cut Day we were among the first to present this treatment to our clients, and we have positioned ourselves as one of the best Olaplex hair color hairdressers in Barcelona.

The price depends on each hair, as long as the hair is not extra long or with a lot of volume, the price can range from 25€ to 65€. Before carrying out any treatment it is important to make a good diagnosis.

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