Vegan hair color

Botanea vegan hair color is the 100% Herbal and vegan dye from the L'Oreal Professionnel brand that has already reached the best hairdressers in Barcelona such as Hair Cut Day. You can get a wide variety of shades with spectacular brightness and color.

What is Botanea? The 100% Herbal and vegan hair color that offers the best results

Botanea color is a 100% Herbal and vegan hair color that is extracted from powdered botanical leaves from India. Expert vegan coloring professionals are in charge of skillfully mixing to achieve the desired color.

A wide variety of shades can be achieved. They are achieved by mixing the three herbal powders. Through mixing, a large number of fully customized tones can be achieved. Going from a light blonde to a dark brown.

Vegan hair color

Vegan hair color ingredients

The Botanea color, vegan hair color, vegetable dye is not entirely henna. It incorporates three varieties of plants from India and coconut oil so that the hair is not affected, providing much more hydration to the hair. These three plants are needed to make the mixture:

Cassia: It is the only plant that does not have pigment, it serves exclusively to provide more luminosity and modulation of color than the rest of the plants.

Henna: It is a herb that provides warm copper tones.

Indigo: It is the plant that provides neutral and cold tones such as purple or blue.

How is the vegan hair color made?

The L'Oreal Professionnel Botanea is mixed with water and heated from 50ºC to 100ºC to obtain natural clay. It is applied throughout the hair, the objective of this type of coloring is mainly to dye and cover gray hair.

The tones that can be achieved with this type of vegan hair color are light blondes, beige, golden and warm. The copper from the most intense to the lightest and the dark and natural chestnut.

Vegan hair color ingredients

Advantages of vegan hair color

The Botanea color offers a wide variety of benefits for your hair. Among those that stand out are:

- Natural and vegan hair color is allergen free
- Does not contain ammonia
- No chemicals that can damage hair or scalp

At Hair Cut Day we work with experts in vegan coloring techniques so that you can wear the color of your dreams.

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