The best hair straightening in Barcelona

Experts in hair straightening in Barcelona

At Hair Cut Day we are experts in different methods of hair straightening: Japanese or Keratin. Our stylists will advise you according to the results you want to achieve.

Our hair straightening treatments

Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening

The best Japanese hair straightening in Barcelona is done by the Hair Cut Day stylists. We only use the best top-quality products to get a permanent and perfect straight hair. Ask us about it and get a straight splendid hair.

295€ (240 min)

Brasil Cacau Keratin + Brushing

Brasil Cacau Keratin

(Brushing included)
With the Brasil Cacau Keratin treatment, our specialists obtain the best keratin hair straightening in Barcelona. Your hair will look extra-straight and shiny, strong and elastic. Recover the health of your hair!

Short hair: 138€ (60 min)
Medium hair: 184€ (90 min)
Long hair: 215€ (180 min)




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The best Japanese hair straightening in Barcelona

To obtain the best Japanese hair straightening in Barcelona put yourself in expert hands. This permanent hair straightening is achieved through chemicals, which is why the professional will have to make a previous evaluation of your hair. If you want to exit the salon on cloud nine, ask the specialists at Hair Cut Day.

Japanese hair straightening offers great results, as the end of frizzy hair or any side effects of hair straightening. Japanese hair straightening doesn’t require you to use the iron or hair dryer, washing your hair will be enough. The result is permanent, you will only have to tweak your roots every 6 months approx.

The best Keratin hair straightening in Barcelona

The best Keratin hair straightening in Barcelona will make your hair look like in a Pantene ad: healthy, strong, shiny and vibrant. Keratin restores your hair in a visible and extraordinary way.

Being a treatment that, in addition to smoothing, deeply hydrates the hair, is indicated for all types of hair are damaged or dyed. The effect of keratin on your hair lasts from 3 to 6 months (depends on the type of hair).

From Hair Cut Day we encourage you to try it, if you book your appointment online from our website you will look your super smoothed with a 10% discount, do you dare?

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